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Yoshki Packages

Introducing Yoshki

Yoshki offers a full stack of products for logo management, protection and verification: powerful alone, and even better when used together.

Digital Smart Badges

Whether it’s a membership logo or an accreditation seal, turn your unprotected logos into secure Digital Smart Badges.

Yoshki’s Digital Smart Badge verification technology makes it easy for anyone to verify a genuine member of your organisation in seconds.

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Yoshki Radar

Powered by Yoshki, Radar uses image recognition and identification technologies to search the internet for the websites using your logos (and other images).

Once you discover unauthorised use of your logos, Radar Response will automatically send take down requests to the domain owner and their ISP.

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Discover organisations like yours who have found success with Yoshki

Yoshki Client

Yoshki Client

Yoshki Client

Yoshki Client

Yoshki Client


Powerful, trusted
secure technology

Protect your qualifications and awards online.  Yoshki Digital Smart Badges are built on a foundation of many tried-and-tested security measures.  Simply put, Digital Smart Badges cannot be stolen and used on any unauthorised website.

You can also switch off and on a website’s usage of your Digital Smart Badge in real time.


Yoshki Smart Badge Client 1

“Secure and accessible, Yoshki is an outstanding service for taking control of logos online, and dramatically reducing brand abuse.”
Stephen Vickers, The British Association of Removers


Yoshki Smart Badge Security



Simplified, professional
dynamic verification

By clicking your Digital Smart Badge, the public are easily able to identify and check a genuine user’s credentials with a single click.  The verification page is completely customisable and can even include dynamic information about the Smart Badge user.



“We highly recommend Yoshki. Aside from logo security, the service adds a simplified, professional dynamic to our validation process.”
Tej Chana, American Physical Therapy Association

Any shape, design
responsive & SEO friendly

Yoshki Digital Smart Badges can be any shape or size.  You can create a Digital Smart Badge using your existing logo or create a new one entirely.  All Smart Badges are responsive, SEO friendly and can include a dynamic ‘call to action’ and the date.





Update One or
Update All

You can update one or all of your Digital Smart Badges from a single central change via the Yoshki dashboard. Want to change a member’s Star rating or upgrade their Smart Badge to gold?

Want to distribute multiple tiers of your qualifications via a single Smart Badge?

You can do this (and more) in real time without any intervention from the Smart Badge user.



“By introducing Yoshki into our organisation, we are now able to control how our images are being used online and more crucially, prevent the unauthorised use of our member logos”
Stan Atkins, The British Institute of Cleaning Science

Quick, resilient
Smart Badge deployment

Yoshki Digital Smart Badges are deployed via our secure, network of high-speed global locations.  Our smart network delivers your Smart Badge on the fastest route possible with exceptional traffic shaping logic.