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Digital Smart Badges

A benefit for you, your users and the public





Yoshki already powers Digital Smart Badges for top organisations

What are the benefits?

For the Association

  • Increase revenue, improve member retention and grow new memberships. Add value to your membership proposition with a Digital Smart Badge
  • Member Verification.  The public are easily able to identify and check a genuine member’s credentials with a single click
  • It’s safe and secure.  Only authorised members can use your Digital Smart Badge on their website
  • Grow your web reputation. By adding the Digital Smart Badge to their websites, members are able to easily promote your association’s brand online
  • Low investment and easy implementation.  Most customers report ROI after a few months and it only takes 48 hours to set up your Smart Badge

For the member

  • Help your members win more business .  Existing Digital Smart Badge users reported an average website conversion increase of 22% (bookings, enquiries etc) in 2015
  • Prestige and promotion.   Members will appreciate being able to promote their membership online
  • Easy implementation .  It only takes 10 seconds to add a Digital Smart Badge to a member’s website
  • Fully responsive & SEO friendly .  Digital Smart Badges will help drive new traffic to member’s websites
  • Free member support. Your dedicated customer care advocate can help your members at every step.


300 Million

Impressions of Digital Smart Badges served in 2015


Average member website conversion increase (bookings, enquiries etc.)


How many times our Smart Badges were verified in 2015

10 Seconds

How long it takes to install a Smart Badge to a website


Deploy a Digital Smart Badge using your existing logo


The Chartered Trading Standards Institute previously distributed their logo via a traditional JPEG or PNG


A JPEG, GIF or PNG has no security and can be used on ANY website.




The Chartered Trading Standards Institute now issue their logo via an online Digital Smart Badge.

Only authorised, pre-approved websites can now display the TSI CCAS logo online.


See the short online demo


A benefit that benefits everyone


The Association


The Member


The Public

“We highly recommend Yoshki. Aside from logo security, the service adds a simplified, professional dynamic to our validation process.”

Tej Chana, Database Specialist, American Physical Therapy Association

Digital Smart Badges are for any type of organisation



A Digital Smart Badge can be of any shape, size or design.

The verification page can also include advanced information about the member.

Click the VisitEngland badge here to see this feature in action.


  • Professional Bodies
  • Trade Associations
  • Membership Associations
  • Certification and Accreditation Issuers



See the short online demo