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Digital Badge Installation Guide


The British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) has partnered with Yoshki Ltd to develop a secure digital badge using the Yoshki Digital Smart Logo service.

The BICSc digital badge will allow members of the public to easily identify that a website they are visiting belongs to a genuine BICSc Corporate Member. It will also provide visitors with easy access to information on the company’s membership details.

Thanks to the software through which the badge is provided, only BICSc authorised websites can use the digital badge.

Click the BICSc Corporate Member Digital badge below to view an example of the verification information which your website visitors will see.

Website Verification

Yoshki’s website validation technology is a simple but important feature for the BICSc Digital badge.

It ensures that the badge will only display on websites which are registered as belonging to accredited members.

Adding the BICSc Corporate Member Digital badge to your website

Adding the BICSc Corporate Members Digital badge to your website is a simple and quick process.

The logo is available in two different colour variations, blue and white.

Simply copy the associated HTML snippet and provide this to whoever administers your website. They can then paste this directly into whatever software is used to manage your site.

BICSc Corporate Member Digital badge installation code – Blue

BICSc Corporate Member Digital badge installation code – White

Troubleshooting and support

For the most up-to-date information or for support in installing the BICSc digital badge, please visit Or email support –

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – The link is not working/the badge does not display on my website

The digital badge will only work on websites which are already registered with BICSc.

Also please make sure that you’re not adding the HTML to development or testing sites; the BICSc Digital Badge will only work on the specific website address provided to BICSc.

If you receive a failed verification, contact BICSc directly by email at to get your website address added.

If you are still having issues please email:

Q – How can I display the badge on more than one website I operate?

If you operate more than one website, you must provide BICSc with details of all the domain names via email.

Contact BICSc directly by email at to get your website address added. 

Q – How can I use the badge on other channels – for example, emails?

The badge can only be used on your website, where the verification technology will make sure it will only work for authorised members. You are not allowed to reproduce it elsewhere.

Q – My website is responsive; will BICSc Digital Smart logos work ok?

Yes, the BICSc Digital Badge is fully responsive and optimised for mobile websites.

Q – How are you tracking usage and what data are you recording?

Yoshki uses Google Analytics to power their reporting functionality.

Through this reporting functionality, Yoshki and BICSc have access to the following data:

  • which websites have implemented BICSc Digital Badge code. This is to help prevent inappropriate usage of the BICSc Digital Badge and to see which websites have adopted the service
  • how many times the BICSc Digital Badge has been clicked – this is to help manage system performance and to gain insight into usage.

Yoshki does not access, record or store any additional data such as IP addresses, page navigation behaviour, etc.

Of the information we do access – set out above –  it is only ever shared between the BICSc and Yoshki, to facilitate the Digital Badge service.

For the most up-to-date information or for support in installing the BICSc digital badge, please visit Or email support –