The LIA brand symbolises the quality, safety and performance of its members and their products. The LIA has partnered with Yoshki Ltd to power the Member Online Secure Badge using the Digital Smart Badge service.

By using the Full Member Smart Badge, with the embedded web code, the public will be able to easily validate your membership credentials with a single click, offering customers additional peace of mind that they are looking at the website of a lighting specialist they can trust.

The LIA will also be able to update badge designs each year to reduce the chance of impersonation, and automatically remove badges from lapsed members.

This will all help to maintain the value of the LIA brand and LIA membership on behalf of member companies.

The LIA Smart Badge can only be added to your website via the snippet of secure web code



Yoshki’s website validation technology is a simple but important feature for the LIA Member Smart Badge.

When the LIA Member Smart Badge has been installed on your website, anyone browsing it can click on the Smart Badge and receive instant confirmation of your status as an LIA member.

When a visitor clicks on the LIA Member Smart Badge, they will be seamlessly directed to a page on the LIA website, which will instantly validate your status and show details of your company.

Once this is complete, the visitor can return to your website straight away.

Validation is automatically activated and includes a link to your member profile



Adding the LIA Member Smart Badge to your website is a simple process.

Simply copy and paste the HTML web code snippet below directly to where you want to display the LIA Member Smart Badge on your web page.

The LIA Member Smart Badge is available in two sizes:

Size Option 1
300px x 137px

To use this size, copy and save this web code to your webpage:

Size Option 2
200px x 91px

To use this size, copy and save this web code to your webpage:

Want to use the Smart Badge in a different size? email with your requirements


For the most up to date information or to raise a support ticket, please visit or E-mail Support –


“Who is allowed to use the ICEL Smart Badge?”

Smart Badges are only available to current LIA members who have a page in the LIA online member lookup.

You can check this by searching for your company at

“My website is failing the verification checks, what should I do?”

First, you need to make sure that you’re not adding the Smart Badge code to development or testing sites; the LIA Smart Badge will only work correctly once published on an authorised website.

If you are confident that you are using the LIA Smart Badge on the correct website, please contact the LIA at to get your website added to the authorised list of websites.

If your business uses additional domains, for example, .com and, these addresses count as separate domains and will each need to be added to the approved list.

“My website is responsive; will Smart Badges work OK?”

Yes, the LIA Smart Badge is fully responsive and will work with all website builders that can add any HTML.

“How are you tracking usage and what data are your recording?”

We have included a small snippet of tracking code in our javascript library to cross reference against our reporting functionality.

We cannot track or record any data such as traffic, IP addresses, page navigation behaviour, etc.

The only information we record is:

  1. Which websites have implemented the Smart Badge code – this is to help prevent illegal usage of the Smart Badge and to see which members have adopted the service so far
  2. How many times the Smart Badge has been clicked – this is to help manage bandwidth and to give feedback on the popularity of the service

Of the information we do capture (noted above), it is only ever shared between the Smart Badge issuer and us, in this case, the LIA.

If you require additional assistance or if you have any questions, visit or by E-mailing Support on